Book Clubs 2021

for Children & Young people

We are pausing our existing clubs and will set up some new clubs based on AGE ...The Books are either REAL from a "set" of books that can be picked up at a pre arranged time via our Order and Collect appointments. We also have our own SERIES OF BOOKS - pictured below PICK FROM THE SHELF, where our readers can each have a book or two from a series..... Or we can choose a "Borrowbox eAudio or eBook" - look below & find out which your child would like to read - get in touch and we can help you! HERE


For the Adults..

We have also paused our Adult Book Club and now have a very busy, active ONLINE "Novels @ Night" group!  We have over 20 in our lovely group messenger chat via Facebook and can welcome more!  We are sticking to Borrowbox eAudio and eBooks chosen either by poll or random each month.  One or two choices a month.... (some read faster than others!!)


our "meetings" will be virtual via zoom, a new way to chat about books, and for children play games and quizzes.

The Books - Children's are REAL BOOK SETS or PICK FROM THE SHELF SERIES' (important for them to hold a book in this engulfing digital age.... although through Borrowbox there are many online books to read and audio books). We'd love for your children or yourself to join us.....get in touch and tell us which book you'd like to try!  Children's "real book set" options first then our current "Borrowbox" Adult Choice.......

If you'd like more information about the books below or about how book clubs work - get in touch!