This year - join us for an evening with a difference!   We were unable to book our usual date for our annual craft fair so we're doing something very different - original and exciting!! 

We're hoping you think so too!


17th November 630pm in GCG Community Hall & Library


So 6 of our amazing local crafters - who regularly contribute to GCG Library in various ways are joining us to offer a SPEEDCRAFTING EVENING! (scroll down for photos )


6 EXPERTS OFFERING 6 x 20min (approx) WORKSHOPS where YOU can make some of the many gifts to choose from! 


You can turn up on the night and take a chance of joining the workshops - you can choose one or all 6 if you are quick!

We think about 3 would be just right..... but you can also get to know and buy from our talented CRAFTERS as they will have stalls of their amazing gifts as well as sharing their tips and tricks of the trade for you to make some original gifts and goods.....   we also will be offering a range of our bargain pre-loved books and of course if you feel like just popping in for a cuppa, cake and conversation then you can do just that and watch the evening go by chatting to friends and neighbours...... we want to meet you all.


Meet our crafters here.....  you can book RIGHT NOW with crafters - check out their pages in the links on the COSY CRAFTING PAGE for more details of their fantastic makes coming very soon


If you click on the pictures below it will take you to the Library crafters pages.


The CRAFTS are being developed by the CRAFTERS right now!  So to avoid disapointment, book with the crafters using the links above!


Click on the pictures below to see the fantastic gifts you'll be able to make - any questions about price or detail and to book -  contact our Crafters directly (facebook messenger) as they are excited to hear from you!


Don't forget this also is a fundraiser so do buy our Pre Loved Books and Refreshments on the Night of the 17th November and we're having a raffle too - so make sure you have plenty of cash with you as many crafters won't have a card reader.




  (We LOVE to showcase local Crafters & Sellers but we are not responsible for purchases.)