St Trainians Dog Training

St Trainians Dog/Puppy Training.....Kind, fun and very effective structured course.  Small class sizes. Highly qualified tuition.  Nutritional advice.  Also online courses and all backed up with videos and training notes.


Get in touch for all your dog training needs - here are a couple of my videos of puppies in the puppy training classes which are all local in real life situations.    Contact me by facebook here or by email here

Do you enjoy interacting and playing games with your puppy? Do you have time to invest in playing the amazing Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer games which can lead you towards a truly awesome relationship for life? Do you enjoy learning more about your puppy, how he or she learns and how to achieve amazing responses? If you are – then this is the online course for you. The course consists of of 8 consecutive lessons which are packed full of bite sized video’s fully showing you how to train your puppy in a fun and exciting way. We also offer you lots of advice on how to deal with common puppy problems. Additionally there is a private members Facebook page, where lots more video’s are posted, and live Q&A sessions each week. Members help and encourage each other in their struggles which is a massive bonus when you realize that others are encountering exactly the same things. We are here every day of the week to help you gain the puppy you want him or her to become. If you don’t have a Facebook page, don’t worry, we can communicate via email/phone , or even a Zoom conference call if you wish.

Ruby the Mix

Suggs the Labrador Puppy

Puppy Life Skills Course includes: how to deal with play biting, toilet training, the myths of pack leadership and how to develop a good rapport with your puppy. Effective communication and how to prevent serious bites, jumping up, chewing, digging, socialization and any other puppy problem you may be encountering. You will also be given advice on nutrition, as some of the things we are feeding our puppies can and do cause behavioural issues. We don’t just teach the usual sit, lie down, stand, come when called, walking on a loose lead etc, but we teach concepts of how things are applied in every day living. Such as settling down on a mat/bed, when food is being prepared, served, and consumed, sitting to be fussed instead of jumping over family members and visitors. impulse control and distraction training so that they are less likely to run off after other people, joggers, bikes, birds etc, walking nicely along the street, and around distractions, and much much more. You will learn lots about how your dog actually learns and some people find this an amazing experience.

Living with a new puppy can be a time of great joy, or it can be a real struggle, especially with those little teeth digging into you, and your house slowly being ripped to pieces. We are here to help you build a fantastic relationship with your puppy, based upon true understanding.

Sarah and Cocoa enjoying a lesson outdoors!

Leo the Pomeranian Aeroplane Game!

Here we have proud owner achieving their Bronze Citizenship awards with an independent judge.