Reading Hacks

We've developed an ever evolving team of "Reading Hacks" inspired through the reading agency, at GCG Library.  Teenagers, who may or may not be members of our book clubs have all enjoyed being our "Reading Hacks" (see below).  This year our team won a Volunteering Award from CVS's Star Volunteer Awards and they also appeared on TV S4C's Heno and in the local press on many occasions! They are an integral part of the volunteering team and host & help out at our events,  receiving a Youth Grant from CVS in 2019 for devising, planning & hosting a programme of events for the Summer Reading Challenge's Space CHase, including a Space Off Bake Off which was a huge success. 

The Reading Agency's "Reading Hack"s is a programme led by young people aged 13 to 24 who do reading activities and volunteering, called hacks, to gain skills and experience.

The programme provides an adaptable model which can be used to provide a youth-friendly overarching brand for your work with 13 to 24 year-olds. It helps you encourage young people to use the library, organise activities, volunteer and inspire others to read.

Reading Hack started in 2015 and is growing quickly, with more than 130 libraries and schools signed up across the UK. It offers a unique opportunity for young people to volunteer, learn new skills and engage with libraries and reading. It's funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The Reading Agency commissioned evaluation experts OPM to look into the difference that Reading Hack is making in libraries and in the lives of young people. On average, 89% of young people strongly agreed that they have gained new skills through their Reading Hack experience, and around 82% of participants felt that Reading Hack had a highly positive impact on their confidence levels. Find out more

Watch the Reading Hack trailer.